ES6 released in 2015.

such that,


Sometimes need many numbers of the array at a time find all result ES6 is incoming spread operator before that system is concatenation system, it is very easy to find all array value that is also named three dots operator function, that is found all elements then it is create spread operation.

for example, is


A good programmer is needed to take his memory for the next time used before working then used ‘comments’. so that the program can also understand any different programmer. but comments are two types.

first is good comments, second is bad comments.

when just a good programmer used the important sign for his absence.

for example,

how any program just working name.

bad comments are discussed in every working system.


Every programmer follows some efficient system for code typing that code is seen clean and every step nicely explains any programmer understanding, looking, professional programmer. There are some rules that contain organization. where every end-time semicolon is mandatory.when used any operator then must be used at least one space, the line is not long, else is not break line.

for example.


Sometimes need to find an error in a specific area to some conditions then the search system is used ‘try() and catch()’ function after then we found our error.


simplefunction() is not defined because we are not used before this function.


Array function is a code optimized when any function used in any program then code is something like bigger others normal function. it is made easily

create and output a function for professional programmer.


the function name is a(), value = 12

6) primitive values common values some values are long(bigInts)

there are many types.

such that,

boolean, string, null, numbers, undefine.

for example of number.


var declaration is a simple system where access globally .when used ‘var ‘

then access the whole program


when not value used in the program then showed NaN in the function.

so that every function parameter soled system is

undefined parameter = undefined parameter || 0;

then show normally 0;


Template string (``) is a very useful system because , where just string is not changed when used template string ;

`$(2+3)` output is 5


class is the same shape structure.

such that ,

every student have an id ,a name, a roll .

then used class .


destructuring a system where some value or elements cut .

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