The function also called method.

An anonymous function is one that doesn’t have a name.

when used anonymous function or method with object then used “this” for call anonymous function’s any object (access outside).

A conditional statement is mainly two types. One is truthy condition and another is falsy condition.

Truthy condition:

React library means many functions created by javascript. React native used for a mobile application like android and ios versions.

show similar but data is different.

container component.

single unit

many units divided

simply declare a function then it is created a component.

react 3 steps are


*Diff-algorithm(difference algorithm)

*Virtual DOM


ES6 released in 2015.

such that,


Sometimes need many numbers of the array at a time find all result ES6 is incoming spread operator before that system is concatenation system, it is very easy to find all array value that is also named three dots operator function, that is found all elements then it is create spread operation.

for example, is


A good programmer is needed to take his memory for the next time used before working then used ‘comments’. so that the program can also understand any different programmer. but comments are two types.

first is good…


-Upper to lower and lower to upper

when need any string change to upper to lower and lower to upper then used

‘toUpperCase()’ function

toUpperCase() function

and toLowerCase() function.


hi there i am a react Developer

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